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At least it doesn’t come with a hyperactive bouncing dock icon

Unfriendly Reminder

This little reminder has been sitting in the corner of my desktop at work for the past few days. I presume that IT has pushed out an IE update, which, in the grand tradition of all modern operating systems, demands a reboot. I don’t know that this is the case, because there’s no obvious way to see the details of the alleged update, but considering that all of the macs at home have their version of software update demanding that I reboot the machine so they can upgrade their version of IE I’d not be at all surprised if there was some sort of obscure internationalization bug (obscure to me, but not to people who actually use a non-English alphabet) that all the major browser vendors pushed out recently.

But, alas, I don’t use IE, and my horrible windows machine at work has a couple of virtual machines grumbling along inside it (not Unix, alas; they’re running L*n*x but that’s close enough for me as long as I install /bin/ksh, use telnet to get to them instead of X Windows, and keep my laser handy) so I don’t want to knock everything down, wait for windows to do its thing, then try to recover all of my now completely lost state.

So every morning this window pops up in the middle of the screen, and I move it down to the corner of the display and work all day. And then the next day the window moves back, and I grab it and move it down to the corner of the display. Think of it as productivity in action.


Added excitement when the damn things popup and grab focus just as you’re typing, don’t you just love it when you “chose” to reboot half way through doing something important.

Adrian Sun Nov 7 02:29:19 2010

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