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I have a torch and eventually I’ll know what to do with it….

Midlifecrisimobile decal study

Until then, of course, the mlcm will continue to accumulate the small forest of zip ties I’m using to fasten everything onto it (including a dynamo taillight, which is waiting for a free 20 minutes to ziptie across to the back of the bicycle where I’ve bored a mounting hole in the rear fender for it.

This saturday the plan is to pre-preride the Verboort Flat Tire Extravaganza! (~200km when I include the ferry move from Sellwood to Forest Grove and the more circuitous ferry move back into town when I’ve finished turtling around the loop (hopefully without the traditional handful of flats)) but on sunday I might sit down with my little hobby torch and try to braze some pieces of scrap steel together, and then turn around and braze the pieces of the mlcm’s front rack together. And if that works I’ll pull out the gaspipe frame and see if I can braze things onto it. And if that works, I guess that means I’ll need to repaint the mlcm, because it won’t look quite as nice with large chunks of the paint stripped off for brazing on various mounting points and reinforcements so I can attach the front rack, the lights, and route the wiring without having to use zip ties, rubber cement, and/or duct tape.

(And I need to find a place where I can get decals made, because I need proper decals instead of the ones that are on the frame right now.)