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It must be fall

The New Seasons rain god

I was planning on riding the Hills to the Yeah! R200 today, but the people I wanted to ride it with begged off because they’d just returned from a long bike camping trip and were, not surprisingly, exhausted. Just as well, because after about 4 hours of sunlight this morning the clouds rolled back in and it started to rain.

And it’s warm, too, so when I threw on my rain vest and took the trek down to the big big big store, I ended up bathing in my own sweat and getting just as wet as I would have been if I’d not even bothered to take the vest along. Gahh.


Oh, I want one of those art pieces in my front yard…..

Hmm. I know a local artist who works in metal….

Lynn Sun Sep 19 10:25:22 2010

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