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More tiny industrial railways

(Actually the same industrial railway as before, but this is a different photo angle.)


I get a border, but no photo and no indication of the presence of a link?

Graydon Fri Sep 10 17:55:48 2010

Which browser are you using?

David Parsons Fri Sep 10 18:26:20 2010

Konqueror, where flash usually dies a little more loudly, and YouTube redirects generally don’t appear at all.

Works fine with Chromium.

Sorry for the confusion!

Graydon Sat Sep 11 07:29:06 2010

I must admit I didn’t even think of testing my xhtmlification against KDE, because it’s been about a decade since the last time I ran it (and, blissfully, it’s been over two years since the last time I’ve even dealt with X11) – I don’t even think I’ve got a machine that’s capable of running x11 these days (I do have a freebsd box, but it’s a server and I made certain not to install the whole x11 tarpit there.)

I’ll have to see if anyone has done xhtmlification of the gootube embed code in such a way that it works with KDE.

David Parsons Sat Sep 11 09:35:39 2010

Well, I’m not actually running KDE; I’m using AfterStep. I just like Konqueror.

Nor do I have Konqueror set up to admit flash exists; that’s what Chrom(e|ium) is for. So it’s definitely not a high-traffic issue, and now I now what it is. (Feeling rather dumb for not trying a different browser before mentioning.)

And, really, all it likely takes in a para element in the object that says “this object does not display in your browser”; everything between the open and close tags of the object element gets executed if it doesn’t display, and you can put almost anything in an object element.

Graydon Sat Sep 11 10:09:00 2010

I didn’t realize you could get the browser by itself; I went to the konquerer web page to see if I could grab a copy, and all the [download] section did was point me at places where I could download kde.

David Parsons Sun Sep 12 10:31:05 2010

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