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New Code!

Discount has been, after an embarrassingly short amount of time since the previous release, pushed up to version 1.6.8 with the addition of one new and oft-requested feature; strikethrough, which is implemented in the common extension format of ~~two-or-more-tildes-marks-the-spot~~

I’d rewritten backtick handling for 1.6.7 (and then tweaked it for 1.6.8) so it was fairly easy to go in, fire up the chainsaw, and refactor that bit of the code into sawdust, so this was a change that was about 45 minutes of coding and writing test cases, then three days of putting into use on [tsfr] and [my main web page] to see if anything exploded spectacularly (which it didn’t.)

strikethrough is turned on by default, and cannot be turned off during configuration. You can turn it off at runtime by passing the configuration flag MKD_NOSTRIKETHROUGH (-fnostrikethrough or -fnodel to the markdown command-line program) and it will be disabled if you run in STRICT (MKD_STRICT or -fstrict) mode.

In addition, the tweaks to the backtick handler have backticks closer follow the reference dingus in that you need to have at least as many opening ticks (or tildes) as closing ticks, and excess opening ticks are enclosed in the <code> span.

As a little something extra, I reworked the ->..<- handler to generate xhtml-friendly output – instead of the (now depreciated for no good reason) <center>..</center> output it used to do, it now spits out a styled paragraph in the form <p style="text-align:center;"></p>.

This is likely to be the last release in the 1.x series, because I have run out of flag bits and need to break the published interface to accomodate a 32 bit flag argument so I can add 6 more flags. So if you get it while it’s hot you can enjoy a hot steaming cup of legacy™ New Code!