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Trivial project of the day

Twine & Shellac, oh my!

The handlebar tape on the MLCM was sliding and it had gapped on the top curves of the handlebar. So I ripped it off, applied new faux-cork handlebar tape, then wrapped the ends of it with twine and dumped shellac over all (or most; I need to see if there are any non-shellaced spots tomorrow when there’s less solvent and more light in the air) of it.

It’s certainly shiny, and the twine does look better than my traditional bands of red and/or black electrical tape (the problem with electrical tape on the Trek is that it’s starting to tear where the brake cables come out from under the handlebar tape, and the problem with electrical tape on the MLCM is that the seams are too visible for my tastes) but I’ll need to see how the looks of the shellaced cork compares to my traditional grimy handlebar appearance.