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New Code!

Magicfilter (remember magicfilter? It’s a printer filter that lets you print anything from the command line) has been trivially updated to version 2.3.1 because I needed to rename getline() into getrule() to avoid namespace collisions with some stupid gnu extensions in gl*bc, and I needed to modify some functions in to deal with some stupid gnuifications in MacOS 10.5.

There aren’t any other enhancements, alas. I’ve been meaning to write an xml to goodcode mapping function so I can use the foomatic database for the postscript and pcl output rulesets, but that’s fairly low on my list of priorities because I’d need to completely rewrite the MacOS printer subsystem to use something other than C*PS so I could debug the whole printer process.

But, aside from that, it’s New Code that’s ready for those of you who still actually use magicfilter.