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A possible replacement camera?

Possible replacement camera?

This old Kodak point&shoot used to belong to Russell before it had an unfortunate run-in with a tree branch (that ended up crimping the lens and shattering the quality plastic gears that operated the zoom/focus mechanism.) Russell now has a bigger and better Nikon point&shoot, and this one rots away in the project box.

But it still works, and I was able to do an experiment with the shattered lens where I removed the optics and most of the barrel, leaving just enough for the camera to spin when it powers up (if it can’t actuate the lens, it gives me a lens error and shuts down), then assembled a q&d lightbox and held up one of the lenses from my Auto 110, I could actually get properly focused (if somewhat hazed due to light leaking in around the corners of the box) images.

It would still be a point-and-shoot, I’d still have to fabricate a viewfinder (a rangefinder is well past my mechanical abilities), and the sensor chip is about the size of a gnat’s elbow, but it would still be a good cheap placeholder until I can sell enough stuff to buy something evil and a m42 to µ4/3rds adapter (Pentax *istDSes seem to be fairly sought after on the used camera market, so I’d have to spend >$200 to get one, and that’s getting up into the evil camera department right there.)