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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

PhotoBooth mite

Now that the Pentax is dead, I’m using the Olympus D510 as my emergency camera (I could use my old Polaroid PDC3000, but it writes images in the proprietary “PDN” format and I do longer have a Windows machine to run the (slow and awful) PDN->Tiff converter. And I don’t have a Compact Flash reader either, so I can’t even read the images off the film. Sigh. I guess I should sell the PDC3000 to someone who can make better use of it) and, unlike the *istDS, which can/could stretch a set of batteries out to about 1000 pictures, the D510 goes through a set of batteries in about 4 days. Which meant that when I got home tonight and tried to fire it up to get a picture of Dust Mite, it just beeped the “I’m out of power” song and shut back down.

Which left me with no camera except for the VGA camera that’s in the macbook Air.

Thus this post, a celebration of the crappiest possible FDMB photo ever made.