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New Code!

To round out the week, Postoffice has been rolled up to version 1.5.3 with the correction of one annoying defect in the mfdata() function in the milter library.

This defect wasn’t one that would make things explode, it just was a case of my mishandling the little scanner inside mfdata() that split the mail message up into headers and body, so as a result the entire message, except for the first line, was scanned as a body. Spamassassin would then not parse things quite as I wanted, and was rejecting good mail because it thought that the headers matched the bayesian patterns of known bad mail. (This was only happening for me with the unstoppable daily status messages from ebay, but some other people were seeing good mail misfiled into their SPAM folder.)

I believe I have fixed that wagon with this (tiny) release.