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Second time is *not* a charm

I was out riding today, and my *istDS flew out of the handlebar bag after I hit a pothole, but this time the Pentax didn’t survive the fall (I was going slowly enough so it didn’t skitter, but instead landed directly on a rock, which shattered the LCD and did something to the shutter mechanism and, obviously, the photo sensor.) So it’s not usable anymore.


I guess I’ll see if I can get a cheap used *istDS somewhere, and if I can’t I’ll just sell all my Pentax stuff off and revert to film.


Well, dammit.

A number of people have had good things to say about the K-x as a camera; I don’t know as you’d be inclined to agree with them, but the K-x is pretty much of a size (slightly narrower, slightly deeper) with the *ist-DS. (That it’s 550 body-only from B&H might not make it considerable, but after all the outbreaks of low-ISO rapture on the PDML, I thought I’d mention.)

Graydon Sun Jun 6 08:19:38 2010

$550 is too dear for my pocketbook – I think I’d have to sell all of my lenses (and the flash, which only works on the DS anyway) to pay for it, and then I’d have a larger camera w/o lenses.

At that point I’d be better off just buying an Olympus E-P1 (or -P2 (or winning the lottery and getting an Epson R-D1 and a fistful of Voightländer lenses)) and getting the advantage of a smaller and lighter body.

David Parsons Sun Jun 6 12:14:03 2010

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