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A “proper” saddlebag (part 2)

The shell of a saddlebag (prototype #1)

The saddlebag that I drew up last night walks again by day, after about 25 minutes of ipod-assisted sewing. It’s not going to be a project of the day because I have to finish the trim around the opening, hand-sew the corners, trim the cover, cut and sew in interfacing, sew a lining, sew straps to tie it to the saddle and the stem of the saddlebag support, sew a couple of strap to hold the lid closed, sew them into place, then sew the lining into the bag.

About ¾ths of this can be done by machine. But the parts that can’t be done by machine will take much longer than I expect, and this after expecting that it will take longer than I expect.

But it will be done before friday, so I can carry it on the Three Capes loop at 4am onwards on Saturday (the official brevet start is 6am, but I have to leave home at 4am to do the 26+ mile ferry move to Forest Grove. More proof that randonneuring makes you stupid.)