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Ob-rando junk

rando junk

The only piece of roadside rando junk I saw on the birkie last weekend was a solitary pair of needlenose pliers that were lying in the bike lane on highway 47 just north of highway 8 (and, more importantly, about 800 feet away from the end of the brevet at the Grand Lodge) which I didn’t pick up what with the whole “get to the end of the line and be finished with the brevet” thing. So, to make up for it, when I saw this wrench lying by the side of Skyline just south of Cornelius Pass Road, I came to what would have been a screeching stop if not for it being an approximately 80° upgrade and picked it up.

I guess it’s a spark plug wrench?

I think it might be the right size to use as a wrench for the tension screw on my Brooks saddles, but if not I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.

UPDATE: Tonight I went down to the store and I found some even better rando junk on the way home; a pair of 27" wheels in shiny steel. I don’t know if I can actually use them on a bicycle (they won’t fit into the trek and they’d require more fender trimming than I care to think about to put them onto the mlcm. Plus they’re steel, and weigh a ton compared to the aluminum alloy wheels I’ve got on both bicycles today) but I can pull the spokes off them and then turn around and build them back up as a way to learn how to lace wheels.