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So I lied

A P&W logging train sneaks behind a hedgerow on a rainy saturday afternoon

When I wrote about the Verboort Flat Tire Extravaganza! yesterday, I mentioned that I saw a P&W train just this side of Banks, but was unable to get a picture. Well, this wasn’t quite true; I had the CBC, but when the train came by it was dark and pouring down rain, so I assumed that the picture would end up being something less than visible (like the artsy photo of Leo I took a few days ago.) Well, I just pulled the photo off the camera, and look, the camera is lying to me by claiming that it was bright and, well, not sunny, but not as rainy as it actually was when the logging train (led by yet another GP38-?)rolled by on the other size of the cemetery.

If you look veeeery closely, you can see the snoot of the lead GP38 facing east just behind the hedgerow at the back of the cemetery, and if you’re patient enough you will eventually see the shape (and pumpkin orange color) of the trailing geep behind it.

It is (in theory at the least) quite pretty out there. I’ll have to do that loop again sometime when it’s not raining quite so #$%$#&$!!#%$ much.


Not often I get to see a cyclist who’s also a train guy. Very good combo.

Bob Mon Nov 9 12:36:08 2009

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