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Railroad picture of the day


I took an inefficient loop when I went out to Sandy to get donuts today (42 km out, 92 km back) and saw a whole raft of ORANGE locomotives sitting in the BNSF yard in NW Portland. I didn’t see any green units – I guess this means that the paintshops have managed to clean out any signs of the BN in the same way that the BN cleaned out any signs of the CB&Q, GN, NP, and SP&S after that merger – but I did see (but not photograph, because it came into sight at the same time I shot down off the westside St. Johns Bridge ramp and I didn’t want to do a scramble for the camera at high speed) a northbound Cascades coming out of the yard and curving onto the approaches for the (ex-)BN lift bridge. But I did stop and get a few pictures of these units (I just kept taking the pictures until I got one without cars and/or trucks in front of the units. It took a while.)