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Railroad picture of the day

Didn't get to see an Amtrak train moving around Union Station, but a Portland & Western freight is a good replacement

When I rode up to Kobos Coffee this afternoon, I reached Union Station at almost exactly the same time as this Portland & Western train cleared the south end of the platforms and started curving towards the Steel Bridge. This wasn’t the only train I saw today (I saw EPT1202 bringing a single reefer south towards the Milwaukie industrial park, and I saw a couple of Yellow Menace freights at a distance [one when I went into New Seasons later in the afternoon, one when I left New Seasons a while later]) but it’s not an example of a railroad that I see everyday, even though they do have trackage rights on the Yellow Menace mainline down to the junction with the Oswego branch.


Do you really have freight lines running along major downtown streets, the way that looks?

Graydon Mon May 18 15:33:21 2009

No, not any more – there used to be some lines running down the streets, but they’ve been gone for a while. This train is coming across a street at a very steep angle (it’s ¾ths of the way through a turn from the station onto a bridge) so it just looks like it’s street-running.

David Parsons Mon May 18 20:10:44 2009

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