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Railroad picture of the day


I was very sluggish about getting out of the house today, and didn’t drag the bicycle out the door until around 2:20. I was planning on riding down to Canby, which involves (at least until the Oregon City bridge is closed) riding down to Oregon City and crossing over to the west side of the river for the trip down to the Canby ferry. This, happily, takes me right past the Oregon City Amtrak station, so I always take the tiny detour to see if the signal shows any train coming.

Today I got there at the crack of 3pm. I looked over towards the signal (all dark,) and as I started to pull my bicycle around so I could continue when I heard an Amtrak train hooting nearby. I didn’t need any more invitation to yank out the camera and wait the 30 seconds or so until the Coast Starlight popped into view and whooshed on past on its way up to Portland Union Station.