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Another trip punctuated by Eng!s

ATK90253_20090417 ATK469_xtracycle_20090417

When I left the Big Big Big Store (and why did I go there instead of to the one in Sellwood? Oh, that’s easy; the Sellwood store is 1.5km away while Seven Corners is closer to 5) this evening, I heard what I thought was a train whistle blowing. I didn’t know if it was a train coming or going, but I was planning on returning home via the Springwater Trail, so I wasn’t going to be going out of my way to proceed more or less along the railroad ROW down to almost the waterfront. By the time I’d reached Milwaukie/11th/12th, I was pretty certain that the train was coming because I was hearing repeated whistling noises of the sort I’d expect to hear if a passenger train was going over multiple grade crossings, and by the time I’d reached 9th & Division the whistlings were loud and urgent, as if the train had cleared the downtown grade crossing swamp and was picking up speed to GTFOOD with all due haste.

So I stopped the bike, hopped off, and took a few dozen pictures as the train came screaming by at line speed. And then got back on the bike and finished my trip back home (carrying dinner as well as the legally mandated six pack of Fat Tire) so I could cook up a tasty (and unappreciated) meal for the bears.