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New Code!

Ignacio Burgueño discovered an annoying bug in discount 1.3.0pre4, where if you did an implicit class block (>%class-name% instead of >%class:class-name%) on a machine with a suitably paranoid memory allocator, discount would obligingly dump core on the spot because I wasn’t allocating enough memory for the class tag I wanted to generate. So I fired up the dark satanic coding mills and cranked out some New Code! to fix this feature.

And while I was at it I added support for installers; if you discount to install into {destination}, you can do make DESTDIR={sandbox} install to place it into {sandbox}{destination}, but still have it think that it’s all pointing to {destination}. Then you can cd to {sandbox}, tar up the directory tree, and you’ll have an installable tarball to place into {destination} at your convenience.

So two changes, neither very spectacular, but still worthy of being called New Code! If you install it and it sets your computer on fire, please let me know so I can either fix the bug or weaponize it.