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If you can read this your DNS is slow

… because they did a re-ip at my colo yesterday, and by unhappy coincidence one of my nameservers had been taken offline (without anyone actually bothering to TELL me about it, thankyouverymuch) leaving only the nameserver in the old IP block active. So when that block went offline, guess what happened to the nameserver?

And since I’m in the old .us geographic domain, it’s all volunteer work and none of my domain update requests will be processed until monday (if I’m lucky.) the domain went back online not more than 20 hours after the dns started going to hell. Yayy for the relics of the old non-commercial .us domain; it’s a small world, but it’s a small world where the administrators pay much more attention to it than the big commercial domain owners do.

So this means that pell is off the network for at least a week the day. And guess what happens to mail in these brave new days of internet connectivity? If it doesn’t get delivered in 4 hours, it bounces.

Goddamn it. So I’m sitting here at home on a bright and sunny day trying to figure out how to set up a machine to fax a netblock routing request to the new ISP at the colo so my private netblock can be routed through them and I can get my dns back for long enough to push the nameservers elsewhere.

I hate computers. I really do.