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New Code!

Discount has been pushed up to version 1.2.7 with a couple of bugfixes and one small added feature:

The bugfixes are more important, because they can cause infinite loops and improperly handled ![]() and []() markup:

  1. Corrects a bug with strget() not properly returning EOF because it was returning a char or unsigned int instead of an int (should be a signed int, but that way lies C99 madness.) This bug was reported by A.S.Bradbury, who discovered it when trying to build markdown with a 64 bit version of gcc.
  2. Corrects a boundary condition bug with ![]() and/or [](), where the content parser stops parsing 4 (for IMG) or 5 (for HTML) characters before the end of the embedded content. This bug was reported by Christian Herenz, who has been finding many many boundary condition bugs in the way ![]() and []() (don’t) work.

The feature, on the other hand, is pretty trivial. The new configuration option --enable-superscript turns on fancypants substitutions that translate word^word into wordword. I’m not sure if it’s the most useful thing in the world, but I have found cases where I’d like to be able to get superscripts generated just by themselves. (and I don’t code in PASCAL any more, so I don’t need to use ^ for dereferencing and can thus avoid that little petard in my dance through the minefield of software development.)

So come and get the New Code! while it’s hot – I may be completely burned out on programming for a living, but enough of the coding instincts still live so I can sit down and maintain and enhance the code I’m writing for the fun of it.