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Kicking it, old style

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The only problem with these photos (taken with the ancestral Voightländer Vito BL) is

  1. It’s a pain finding a place to get film developed.
  2. The software that comes with my scanner bites the wax tadpole.
  3. It takes a day to get the film developed (in my case it takes eight days, because Blue Moon (and their oh-so-tempting pile of K mount and M42 mount lenses) in in St. Johns and it’s at least a hour excursion to get there and back.
  4. It costs US$3 to develop a 24-exposure roll of film (which cost a couple of dollars to begin with.)
  5. These are really the only good exposures out of 48 tries.

The Vito BL is still light, quiet, and usable as an offensive weapon. But the hideously long lead time makes it less than completely effective as a walkaround camera (and it’s still better than the Auto 110, which will need some pretty heroic scanning to get the images off the negatives) unless I redo my photo of the daying as “photo of the month ago"ing.