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And it’s too bad they don’t have a senate majority… oh, wait, they do

But, just for the yuks of it, I’ll count up the # of senators who voted against the “Let the B*sh junta spy on everyone for free” bill:

  1. Akaka
  2. Bingaman
  3. Boxer
  4. Brown
  5. Byrd
  6. Cantwell
  7. Cardin
  8. Clinton
  9. Dodd
  10. Durbin
  11. Feingold
  12. Harkin
  13. Kerry
  14. Klobuchar
  15. Lautenburg
  16. Leahy
  17. Levin
  18. Menendez
  19. Murray
  20. Reed
  21. Reid
  22. Sanders
  23. Schumer
  24. Stabenow
  25. Tester
  26. Wyden

That looks like 25 Democrats and one Socialist.

I’ll note that there aren’t even enough votes here to even maintain a filibuster. So where are the other 25 Democratic votes? Massive train wreck on the senate subway and they all went to the hospital? Truckers strike blocking all the major roads? Kidnapped by pirates and ninjas?

Oh, what’s that you say – none of those things happened? You say that the other 25 senators actually voted for this bill?

Well, that’s good to know. I guess I’ll be apologising to Senator Clinton for calling her a right-centrist on this matter, and I’ll need to pull out a dictionary to help me refine the torrent of abuse I’m going to use as my standard reply for any moneybegging from the rest of the self-proclaimed “liberal” party from now on.

I wonder what the Democratic Party’s slogan is going to be this fall? “We’re worse than the Republicans, but, baby, we’ll tell you we’re sorry every time we kick you down the stairs!” Gaaaaaa. The stupid, it burns, it buuurns.

I wonder if I can get a refugee visa to New Zealand under the “trapped in a country that’s not fit for self-government” clause?


Yeah, it’s bad enough that Obama voted yea, but then Clinton voted nay… keerist, Barry, get a grip.

rone Wed Jul 9 15:21:51 2008

I still can’t believe the Dems rolled over for Mr 28%. The hell with them, they have the spines of worms. I was looking forward to getting my Green Card so I could contribute in this election, but not any more. That money is going to buy me more booze.

Francois Thu Jul 10 19:54:21 2008

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