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New Code!

Postoffice has been pushed up to version 1.4.9 with a couple of bugfixes that make AUTH LOGIN actually work.

The first bug was that I was B1FF!ing the base64'ed Username: message, which converted it into something that was not Username:. Whoops. And the second one only effected attempts to do AUTH LOGIN on a physical domain; when I called getdomain(), I was checking to see if it was a virtual domain by comparing the return to zero, and assuming that if it wasn’t zero it was a virtual domain. This was wrong. I should have been calling isvhost(), and the fix makes the code do just that.

(I discovered these bugs last night when trying to configure the bizarre little mail program that Apple ships with MacOS. Connection Doctor™ is pretty useless, but you don’t need much use to see a auth session falling over in the wrong place.)

So if you want to use AUTH LOGIN with postoffice, this is the New Code! that you’re looking for (1.5.0 is coming down the pike, and it’s only adding one new feature. And that feature is STARTTLS, assuming I can properly figure out what openssl is doing when it sets up an encrypted tunnel.