This Space for Rent

New Code! (“lightning strikes twice” edition)

Levee has, amazingly enough, been pushed up to version 3.5a with the addition of another new feature – I’ve implemented the “0” command like all of the other higher-priced vi-clones have (“0” being, of course, a shorthand for “0|”.)

And why did I do this feature now? Well, it’s thanks to modern versions of Linux and Xcode, both of which have become even more gnu than they used to be and thus required some heroic tweaking so that configuration and compilation will continue to work (and, no, it’s going to stay void main(), so don’t even ask for that “bug” fix.) And if I’m going to release a new version, by g-d I’m going to put some new feature that I actually use into it.

So it’s New Code!, planted carefully in the middle of the smoking crater left by the last bolt of lightning from the clear blue sky.