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New Code!

Postoffice has been pushed up to version 1.4.8 with the addition of a couple of fixes for Xcode on MacOS 10.5 :

  1. On other systems, INT_MAX was defined somewhere else in my maze of #include files. 10.5 must have done a headerfile cleanup, because the old maze of headers just wasn’t doing it anymore. I fixed this by explicitly including limits.h in the modules where I needed INT_MAX.
  2. Also, and more mysteriously, in the AC_SUB function, the echononl() function (defined as $ac_echo "${@}$ac_echo_nonl") would, if $@ was nil, emit a ^?. No, I don’t know why, so I fixed it by having AC_SUB call a regular echo directly instead of echononling out a bunch of substrings.

It’s not tested (much) yet, because it’s just a header file and a configuration tweak that generates the same output as the previous version, but it’s still New Code! for those who might want it.