This Space for Rent

Not leaving well enough alone


A couple of months ago, I made the Owl Building – a two-story Romanesque pile to anchor the downtown of a hypothetical lego village. The village remains hypothetical, but the Owl Building survived the creation (and destruction) of buildings around it. But, when you compare it to actual lego buildings, it was kind of short and stubby.


So I fixed it. I built a new second story to wedge under the existing one, then extended the buttresses up to the third story and reworked the facade above the entryway to better reflect the new height of the building.


I have yet to fully populate the inside of the building. I was going to put a restaurant on the ground floor, but the bears put one on the second floor, so it would be kind of silly to have stacked restaurants. Perhaps I’ll put a Kodos for President field office into the ground floor. This would give an excuse to have spaceships parked out front, as well as a reason for the pile of dismantled storm troopers that litter the sidestreets of Our Town.