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The United States has been such a spectacularly efficient nexus of aggressive stupidity since the B*sh coup that I tend to forget that other allegedly first-world countries are capable of being equally stupid as this godforsaken wasteland is.

Case in point: Canada. Yes, it’s the True North Strong and Free, but it appears to also be the land where copyright is eternal unless your corpse deposits a notarized “I’m dead now, so you can drop the copyright in 5070 years, thnx!” letter into the hands of the copyright office.

Think I’m kidding? Um, no. For only CA$15/year, the copyright board of Canada will grant you the right to make jokes based on the story of the Princess and the Frog. And they’ll be keeping this money, because – gosh! – they just can’t contact the 900-odd years dead anonymous author of the story.

It’s not the same as lobbing cruise missiles into the Sudan under the hope that the house they blow up will contain someone who doesn’t like the United States, but it’s pretty impressively stupid nevertheless. I’d make a crack about how this shows how Mini-Me is making Canada respected again, but I have no doubt that the official opposition would climb all over themselves to be the first to plant their flag at the summit of Mount Stupid.

via pogge