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Now this is not a good sound for a Macbook to be making

It is a modern computer, and modern computers can sense unemployment, so I start to fret when the light bulb in the thing starts making unhappy buzzing noises the day after I walk past an Apple Store that has a Macbook air prominently displayed in the front window.

I wonder if it’s possible to configure the MacOS 10.5 gui so it looks less like GNOME and more like a Macintosh?


Would you settle for making Gnome look exactly like Leopard?

Paul Tomblin Sun May 4 11:17:43 2008

Well, the problem with that is that I’d have to run Gnome, which means I’d have to run X11, which means I’d have to get a much more powerful machine to get the same sort of performance I’m getting off the Mac. The maze of twisty passages that ended up with me having a stack of Macintoshes lying around the house started when I tried to run one of the “modern” Linux guis on a modern machine; the Linux box was so appallingly slow (even after I’d tossed KDE in favor of blackbox) that I dumped all of my Linux desktops and replaced them with Windows machines.

I used X11 for a /long/ time, and I’m done now. I’ll stick with the velvet shackles of MacOS.

David Parsons Sun May 4 11:37:09 2008

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