This Space for Rent

It is indeed convenient that I am thundering towards recovery

… because, at the very least, my big pile of bookmarks on the right (at least on the right while I write this. CSS is very bad in that it lets me move content around with only a little bit of headbanging, as opposed to the traditional method of going into every single page and tweaking the format by hand) has reached such a state of disarray that I’m going to have to sit down and write a mass of javascript so I can set up a point and drool-style AJAX bookmark organizer. There’s no way I’d have the energy to do that if I’m spending 8 hours a day beating my head against the nonstop fuckwittery that makes up a modern Linux distribution.

The “starvation” and “dying of trivially curable diseases that I can’t affort to pay for treatment of” items are BAD, but if I can get at least six months of good creative work wedged around baby-herding, well, that certainly sounds like a fair trade to me.