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railroad picture of the day


I was down at the Mill End store in Milwaukie this afternoon looking for some pretty fabric to use as the border on the quilt I finished yesterday, so I was able to take pictures of this string of ex-caltrans bilevel cars (that appear to be painted in Oregon Pacific colo(u)rs??) sitting on an industrial siding across 99e. They’ve been there a while, but I’ve not had a chance to see them when I’m not zipping by in a car until now.

If they are Oregon Pacific cars, I wonder what Mr. Samuels is planning on doing with them? passenger service from OMSI down to 17th, or borrowing #700 for some steampunk commuter trains?


Thanks for posting the photo. Just drove by them a couple weeks ago and wondered what they were.

Might have to hop on my bike and cruise down Main and check ‘em out.


JC Sun Apr 13 10:03:34 2008

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