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When we moved into the big yellow house, we ordered a great huge computer desk from The Joinery so that I could have room to put a large CRT monitor on it and still have room for things like a keyboard, vermin, and my hands. It was a wonderful desk, but, alas, things like bears interrupted our spacious lifestyle and the space I could afford for a desk became much smaller than the space needed for a 42x84 huge desk.

I tried a few alternative programming arrangements ranging from lying on the bed typing (a *spectacular* failure from the carpal tunnel point of view) to lying on the sofa typing (also a spectacular failure that ended up with the entire right side of my body going numb) to sitting at the dinner table typing (not as spectacularly bad, but still a loss on the being able to program front. And using a mouse makes matters worse [Fortunately for me, I don’t pay much attention to my corporate masters when they try to force Windows on me – Linux makes a pretty crappy desktop, but blackbox is a sufficiently inobtrusive window manager so I can use it for my regular routine of terminal sessions and the occasional web browser window without excessive mouseriffic nonsense. But I digress.])

But, anyways, I’ve been thinking for a while that if I there are no arrangements at home suitable for programming I’d better make one myself. Fortunately, I’d done some dumpster diving when a local store was being gutted, and had a small supply of 2x4 and 4x4 oak, which I could rip into smaller sections, mortise, then glue together to make a slightly less crookedy than usual desk.

I cheated on the desktop – I’d bought about 25 feet of oak 1x6 a few years ago, and used them as the desktop after some of my other “lets use scrappy materials” plans were rejected by the review panel – but after sitting in the basement for 9 years it counts as close enough to scrappy for my tastes.

This desk is very tiny; the tabletop is 26x48, which is just the right size to put a notebook or a keyboard and flat panel display (I’m using the macbook keyboard these days, but it’s not a good replacement for a Model M,) plus when I need to do some sewing it’s the right size for holding the sewing machine and giving me a work surface that doesn’t eat the dining room table.

Now all we have to do is carve out some space in the house to put this desk and then I’ll be set.


Nice table. Good job, David!

Metta Parsons Sun Mar 23 08:52:23 2008

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