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Years and years ago, when we moved into the Big Yellow House, we stocked up on furniture for the upstairs room by buying a fistful of convertible futon beds from the (now demised) Futon Factory. As it turned out (and not too surprisingly), convertible futon beds make terrible sofas, and I finally snapped last year and dismantled the one in our library with the plan of converting it into a real sofa.

Over the course of a leisurely nine or eleven months, I tore the sofa apart, cut down one of the bedframe sections, notched the arm units to fit the now-truncated bedframe into, glued and screwed the frame into the arms, then cut down a couple of the old frame members into a sofaback (with the lower part of the back being a sheet of plywood that was salvaged from the Stupid Room,) glued up and installed the sofaback, and then finally, after a loooong winter’s nap, the best and I went out, picked out some fabric, and I spent this afternoon sewing up a cover for the sofa cushion.

If I ignore the amount of money we spent to buy the original convertible futon bed (and the ridiculously long amount of time it took me to build the silly thing,) this sorta-craftsman style sofa cost us about US$140 (and most of that was the cost of the large chunk of furniture-grade foam I bought for the cushion core.) It has a few flaws you’d not find in furniture from a place where people make furniture for a living, but it’s at least US$3000 less than it would cost to have a good bespoke sofa built by a professional woodworker.


Very nice work!

Anna Sun Mar 16 06:02:33 2008

Well done, David!!!

Metta Mon Mar 17 08:07:29 2008

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