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Your liberal media at work

“A law enforcement official has told the Associated Press that New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in a prostitution ring was caught on a federal wiretap.”

AP article via The Guardian

You mean that Mr. Spitzer’s been pimping from the governor’s office?

No? Um, so perhaps he’s being paid off so the prostitution ring won’t be investigated by the state police?

No?? Well, what else could it be?

“The official says the New York governor met last month with at least one woman in a Washington hotel.”

Oh. So if you’re a Democratic politician, hiring a prostitute means “involvement with a prostitution ring.” That’s an interesting interpretation there; you’d almost think that the phrasing was deliberately chosen to make it seem like Mr. Spitzer had, in fact, been pimping from his office and is thus inferior to his Republican brethren who encourage entrepreneurship by only patronising self-employed rent-boys. And how could that happen? After all, the mainstream press is liberal and would never EVER do anything like that!

Remember when the US press was liberal? Me neither.