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Domestic vermin photo of the day


I bought a used 100-500mm zoom lens from B&H last week so I could have something superzoomy (500mm isn’t that zoomy, but I also bought a used Takumar-A 2x teleconverter, which gives me a gratifyingly large zoom at the expense of a (cough) f16 aperture, which means it will take about 60 seconds to get visible nighttime pictures) for taking pictures of nearby planets. The lens arrived yesterday, just in time for the clouds to roll in and hide the sky. Today, it was still cloudy and I had taken the day as a “please get me away from work!” holiday, so I was hunting about for something to take pictures of.

Why not a cat?

I found that if I sat in the far corner of the living room, it was just barely far enough away to squeeze the cat into focus. And at ~450mm, I could fit enough of the cat in to make it obvious that this was indeed a feline entity.

But at 1000mm, the cat is too close, too dim, and too large for any sort of programmed mode on my *istDS:


Beware the blurry thing!