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Excuse me?

But Mr. Mukasey told Senate Democrats he could not say whether waterboarding, which simulates drowning, was illegal torture

Illegal? So if a particular form of torture is not explicitly outlawed, it's a-ok? (And, given Mr. Mukasey's doglike devotion to the Coward in Chief, that means that as far as he's concerned any form of torture, as long as the blood-filled pen of the idiot king signs off on it, would be permitted.)

Christ almighty. At this point I'd almost welcome the suicide attack on Iran that Darth Cheney and his Nazgul are agitating for; the resulting utter collapse of the United States (assisted, no doubt, by the ex-USSR which remembers oh-so-well the US-sponsored "shock therapy" that drove that country into the gutter) is about the only thing that will neuter the crop of servile ring-kissing scum that the Evil Party has grown and harvested so carefully.

Remember when the claim was "We're the United States of America and we don't do that kind of shit" ? Feh. Bring on peak oil. Bring on the US$10 CAD. Just put us out of our misery now.


Obviously, we need to waterboard him until he remembers if it’s illegal or not.

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Paul Tomblin Wed Oct 31 06:58:35 2007

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