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Why I dumped my windows boxes in favor of MacOS, in one easy picture

MacOS is Unix.  Windows is not Unix.

It's an added bonus that there's a fighting chance that my telnet sessions will not go away when the machine goes to sleep (it's about an 80% survival rate these days,) but having a *real* Unix machine that's got a non-hateful windowing environment that can run most modern software (framemaker is a notable exception, and openoffice would be another one if it could open 5 page office documents in finite time) means I don't have to carry around two boxes when I go on vacation and want to do some coding when I'm offline. It ships with the hateful vi clone vim, but it was pretty trivial to port levee to MacOS, and (you can see, even if you don't know it, that ls ported without any fuss) it's easy for me to build other bits of Mastodon, install them on the box, and have them Just Work™.

The higher priced offering from the company up the coast is pretty good on the windowing environment side, but it's not Unix and if I'm going to lard a machine up with half a gigabyte of core just to run cc (or the almost-but-not-quite cc that comes from the FSF,) a web browser, and a terminal program, I want it to run Unix. And with the Mac, I get Unix, and as a special bonus I get Unix without the X-Windows disease.