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My my my, what have we here.

Sure, everybody (or at least a majority) knows that an increasing majority would like to see a functional healthcare system in the United States, even if they had to raise taxes to do it (and they wouldn't, once the health "insurance" parasites are fumigated out of Washington, DC.) But there's an interesting twist that The Big Picture reports:

Universal Health Care

  • 60% said they would be willing to repeal tax cuts to help pay for a health-care program that insures all Americans;
  • Most of the highest income group polled, those in households earning more than $100,000, support it.
  • More than 80% of Democrats say they like the plan; most Republicans oppose it.
  • Independent voters also support universal health care;
  • 52% vs 36% favored health and education spending as a better economic stimulus than tax cuts.

Can you spot the one thing I found very interesting here? The one income group that you might think would be susceptable to the typical rah-rah-John-Galt bullshit that the "free market" advocates and parasitic Evil Party spinmeisters trot out at every opportunity has started to catch on that the ongoing train wreck that is the American healthcare system isn't good for anyone, including the class of people who might be able to get away from a medical emergency without having to do anything more drastic than selling their home.

It's intensely gratifying to see a case where the upper middle class and the rich are capable of learning, and I wonder how the puppetmasters in the Evil Party feel now that their base is losing interest in their "no taxes, and you can watch the poor starve as recreation!" pipers tune. Perhaps they'll have another one of their trademark 180° turns while pretending that they always supported a national health system and it was those traitorous™ Democrats that were trying to keep the increasingly corrupt and dysfunctional for-profit healthcare system that squats like a cancerous toad upon the United States of America.

(And if the Evil Party did do one of their 180s here, I have full confidence that the Stupid Party caucus would stumble right into the trap and be left, gaping, as the triumphant Evil Party National Health Plan© steams out of the station to the cheers of the viewing audience.)