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A sunny fall day in Portland

In the afternoon, I walk from work to the last bus stop before the Ross Island bridge. It's been cold and cloudy for the past few days, but today was one of those bright sunny fall days with almost no clouds in the sky, and the views from the west side of the Willamette were spectacular. There's a lot of clutter around the view towards Mount Hood, but if you're at the Ross Island bus stop, it's possible to get a nice picture of one of the local stratovolcanoes framed by trees and the clutter of the city (this is only temporary; the people who own Zidell Marine have got a US$100 or so million dollar measure 37 claim against the City of Portland (for what, I'm not sure; possibly they're trying to put a line of condos right along the shore and the west short walking path would interfere with their plan$) and I'm sure that's going to be followed by replacing the shipyard with a couple of barkingly hideous but very profitable condominium towers. So enjoy the view while you can, because it's not going to be too long before the west approaches of the Ross Island bridge are going to be in a canyon between skyscrapers.)

For mass transit, the Lathe-of-Heavenish aerial tramway isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but I still have my camera at the ready when I'm walking near it. North and South are still new enough so they look very nice on a bright sunny afternoon, so I'm glad I didn't miss the chance of talking a picture as they swept by each other this afternoon.