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It must be fall again.

My friend Charlie was visiting from Scotland, and the best and I had made plans that she would drive the Prius into downtown, pick him up at the hotel he was staying at, then grab me and return to Chateau Chaos for lunch (and then return him to downtown in time for his 2:30 bookreading, which, amazingly, we actually succeeded in doing.) Our grand plan was that the best would go down to the hotel at 11:45, then run up first to grab me at noon.

The grand plan didn't take into account just how fucked up downtown has become with the new tramway construction (and the hotel Monaco is conveniently plunked down right in the middle of this construction), so I ended up cooling my heels for about 10 minutes while they fought their way out of the city. And while they were fighting their way out of the city, I had more than enough time to realise that the trees were starting to change and this would be an almost perfect time to walk out onto First Ave and take a picture or three.

The trees do look pretty this time of year, don't they?


The trees do look pretty - and thank you for sharing them, David. Here in North Carolina most of our trees have dying / dead / dropped leaves rather than colorful leaves. We would so love a week of rain!

Lynne Gray Thu Oct 18 06:45:21 2007

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