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New Code!

Postoffice has been pushed up to version 1.4.4 with the addition of the spam=-alike configuration option blacklist=, which gives options for dealing with connections from blacklisted sites.

The new options are much like the spam= ones that were introduced in 1.4.3a;

refuse connections from blacklisted sites (the traditional, and default, behavior.)
Accept connections from blacklisted sites, and deliver mail normally
Accept connections from blacklisted sites, but deliver local mail into the specified folder (in the same format at the folder in 1.4.3a's spam=folder option.)

In all cases, Postoffice logs all connection attempts from blacklisted sites with a REJECT syslog message.

This code was put in to deal with the absolutely terrible bounce reporting that some of the major ISPs (and mail clients) have; some members of my family keep reporting that their mail is being bounced, but without any sort of useful messages, and I have to accept mail from, well, everything so I can at least get the offending mail to land on this machine so I can examine the headers and paths on it. And I'm not going to drop my blacklist, because I don't want to get mail from dial-up accounts. So the next best thing is to add some more New Code! to catch the mysteriously bouncing messages without having the accompanying spam show up in my mailbox.