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New Code!

The mimecode package has been pushed up to version 1.2.1 with the addition of a whole bunch of stuff:

  1. For symmetry with uudecode I've written a uuencode, and I've added support for the base64-encoded files to both of them.
  2. uudecode (and unravel when it's fed a uuencoded file) now correctly set the mode of the extracted file to what was specified on the begin line.
  3. I've added a bunch of command line options:
    1. Ravel now has the -6 option, which tells it to encode all attachments in base64.
    2. Uuencode now has the -m option which tells it to use the base64 uuencoding.
    3. Unravel and uudecode have the -f option, which tells them to overwrite existing files instead of trying to write to a new "(copy n)" file.
    4. Unravel and uudecode also have the -c option, which tells them to strip the pathnames off output files and just write to the current directory (this does not apply to any output filename given by -o)
  4. I've removed a bug with base64 decoding that was making it attempt to decode the newline at the end of the encoded lines (a silly off-by-one error that didn't bite me until I added base64 handling to uudecode)
  5. I've added a manpage for uuencode (the manpage is a modified BSD page, and the encoder is the encoder that came from the 4.4bsd implementation of uuencode)
  6. There's now a README and a INSTALL document describing what mimecode is and how to install it.
  7. To avoid accidentally overriding existing copies of uuencode and uudecode, I've added the --enable-uuencode flag to so that those binaries won't be installed unless you really want them to be.
  8. And, of course, many fussy changes to the manpages to make them prettier.

There are more features I would like to add (the -p flag for uuencode), but this code is now to the point where I can add it to the promised next release of Mastodon, and can dump it on an unsuspecting world as the latest installment in the saga of New Code!