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Your Government At Work (Stupid Party edition)

The GOP-introduced resolution condemning MoveOn just passed by a huge margin, 72-25. Roughly half the Democrats in the Senate supported it.

(-- Talking Points Memo, Inc)

You'd think that, with the Democrats officially controlling the Senate, that this stupid proposal would have been quietly filed off in the inbox of the Committee to Investigate Radioactivity in Rocky Mountain Granite. But, no, it would be partisan to pass over an opportunity to have the US government offically threaten one of the groups that, um, helped the Democrats win control of congress in 2006.

Whatever. If this is what the Democratic caucus considers as "important" (while capitulating when the GOP even *THREATENS* *TO* filibuster every bill that starts to restore any dignity and honor to the United States,) they certainly don't need my money or support. I'll just keep stamping "S. 3930" on all of the "Pppppppppplease give us money so we can FIGHT THE REPUBLICANS!" solicitations I get from them -- at least then they'll actually see that I'm treating their soliciations with the respect they are due.