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Oh, yeah, democracy is on the march.

In a just world, Tasers would be illegal and any police officer using one on a non-violent demonstrator would be immediately tossed into prison, along with their civil superiors who implicitly or explicitly encouraged the idea of attacking someone with a deadly weapon just because they weren't subservient enough.

I counted four police offiers here and one demonstrator. But the Taser was such a nice way to encourage the others, wasn't it? This is not acceptable behavior in a democratic country.


What’s wrong with the Taser (as a weapon for law enforcement, that is, and not in this particular example of its use)?

rone Wed Sep 19 16:57:48 2007

They’re too easy to use, and they promise the world with minimal effects. So at the drop of a dime out they come.

David Parsons Wed Sep 19 22:37:51 2007

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