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Railroad picture(s) of the day

UP4265 and some friends haul a freight north out of Brooklyn Yard

Yesterday (wednesday,) I needed to go by the Seven Corners New Seasons to get some drugs, so I did a combined New Seasons/People's Co-op run to get drugs and dried fruit for snacks (I've gone on a fairly extensive rework of my diet; I've switched it to mainly fruits, veg, and grains and written off candy and prepared food. It makes it more difficult to program when I'm tired, but the side effect of dropping from a 36+ inch to a 32 inch waist, skimming over three stone off my weight, and dropping my blood pressure about 15% makes it worthwhile. But it requires frequent visits to the grocery store to keep the house properly stocked with food I'm willing to eat.) As I was walking to the stores, I heard a small symphony of locomotive horns as the evening Amtrak train and at least one Yellow Menace freight went by, so I didn't think I'd actually see anything interesting.

But as I walked back to the #70 bus stop that's right next to the 11th St railroad crossing, a set of Yellow Menace engines ran light down into Brooklyn Yard, then, almost immediately after that a long freight pulled out and headed north towards Albina yard and, possibly, points north.

I took a bunch of pictures of the set of light engines and the northbound freight (the best of them are at the bottom of this post), but a whole bunch of the pictures of the oncoming freight were enhanced by greenish light ghosts that, as far as I can figure, were caused by the light from the engine headlights reflecting off something inside the camera and being bounced back onto the filter and reflected back to the film, but flipped vertically and skewed off to the side of the frame.

Perhaps the Yellow Menace is trimming crew costs by hiring Casper the Friendly Ghost?

UP4982 runs light down to Brooklyn Yard   UP 4265, et al.

The two nonghosty pictures aren't quite so interesting from the "spoiled film" point of view.