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The Toonerville bridge at Brooklyn Yard (repost)

the toonerville bridge

If you're visiting from Dogcaught and are wondering why I call it the Toonerville bridge, wonder no more. The left hand side of the bridge is pretty spectacularly flimsy, because the deck is 2x8s laid longitudinally across beams on six foot centers. If you're up on top of that bridge when a freight comes screaming through at 45mph, it's a, um, experience.


You need to have a “save” or “default” feature for what appears in the Name, Email, and Website sections of the comments.

But on to the important matter. The Toonerville Bridge. I think after the both of ya have blogged on it, I might have to cycle over there and catch some photos!

Adron Sun Jun 3 23:08:31 2007

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