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How I wasted my winter (a picture is worth about 10,000 pieces)

I have no life, SF lego style

If you try to make a realistic spaceship (and by "realistic", I mean "realistic aside from the propulsion units and artificial intelligence " because, as far as I know, sentient computers and the battlestar galactica-style jump drive do not actually exist) in lego minifig scale, it's, um, a much bigger project than you'd think. I'm not sure exactly how many legos were pulled into it, but I'd not be at all surprised if it was around 10,000.

This ship, which is a little survey ship along the lines of the HMS Beagle, carries a crew of about 60 (51 humanoid, 8 robots, and the ship ai), just barely crams the required crew quarters into a two story space that's 110 studs x 40 studs wide (the big spire on the top of this ship is actually the bowsprit, because if you don't have magic gravity you need to use the engines to make a floor.)

I'd taken a bunch of pictures of it this weekend, but none of them (except the one you see here) actually turned out. And this one only turned out far enough to see the tiny little minifigs peering up at the ship and down from one of the airlocks.



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