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So, how evil do you have to be … ?

... to make John Ashcroft look like the good guy? Thanks to the B*sh junta, this is no longer an question.

It's like a clown car of pure evil; every time you think that they couldn't fit that much depravity into Mount Doom on the Potomac, another turd comes plopping out from the White House door. It's pretty spectacular, in that sort of "we're all DOOOMED!!" way that is all too familiar to anyone who's had to suffer through the hamfisted Maximum Leader Genius regime.

At least the United States doesn't have the shame of knowing their electorate looked at the exploding wreck of a different country and decided that, yes, it would be a wonderful idea to elect a gang of crooks who have no policies except to follow the United States into the rocks.

(Thinkprogress link via the mightygodking)