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Railroad pictures of the day

UP5636, et al­ UP3975 & friend

When I walked out of work today, I saw a #19 bus go flying by my bus stop. So I caught the next bus -- a #9 -- across the Ross Island bridge and walked down to the #70 stop by the railroad tracks to catch that bus home. By happy coincidence, no sooner had I reached the bus stop than the crossbucks started doing their happy train dance and Yellow Menace #5636 -- and *14* other Yellow Menace engines -- came blasting through from the south.

Now, the City of Portland becomes quite unhappy when major streets are blocked during rush hour, so the Yellow Menace usually tries to bunch trains up when they have to move them then, and today was not one of the exceptions. No sooner had #5636 cleared the crossing when I started to hear a locomotive whistle coming from the north, and very soon afterwards #3975 (and an ex-C&NW eng) came barrelling across the crossing from the north.

And when that train cleared, there was the #70 bus, so I hopped on it and went home.