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The silver lining in the cloud

The cloud was that I went down to the dentist's office this morning for a checkup (the dentist marvelled at what good shape my teeth were in. I'd have been more impressed if this wasn't the introduction to "and you've got cavities on four molars, and it looks like this filling is disintegrating so I want to put a crown on, oh and there's this other tooth I'd like to put a crown on." Ugh.) The silver lining is that it gave me a chance to take *more trolley pictures*:

redblue in SD600 picture frame­ redblue pauses in front of a tree

On the way to the appointment, I raced red/blue from the Galleria down to the dentist's office, getting a couple of interesting pictures.

green/blue and the Mark Spencer hotel

The dentist's office was located between the northbound and southbound trolley lines, and was conveniently located 11 stories up. Just right to get an aerial photo of green/blue as it headed down towards the aerial tramway.

213 at the galleria stop

And on the way back to work, I got one good picture of a train stopping at the Galleria station.